Mechanical services

BPD can undertake and manage the design, supply, installation and testing of all of the mechanical services for your project. With our team’s in house expertise we provide a pro-active approach and look to work with the professional team to allow a smooth delivery from tender to completion


BPD has the experience and the expertise to plan and work mechanical solutions to suit your building project. We like working with our clients from the inception of a project to offer our full planning experience but we are also able to join the project at a later stage if needed.


BPD are committed to designing and installing systems that are right for you, whether it's a full refurbishment or installation, or a simple upgrade, our team will work to deliver the best possible solution for the project. With experience of designing for a range of sectors including commercial, retail, leisure and hospitality, we design mechanical solutions that will ensure great results and a smooth delivery of the project from start to handover.


Our qualified and skilled staff and engineers will work alongside your team and timescales to ensure that your mechanical build requirements are met and deadlines are hit. We are flexible, innovative and pro-active in our approach and are committed to getting the project delivered to the highest possible standards.