The effects of a mechanical or electrical breakdown can have a detrimental effect on the running of any business. BPD can offer planned maintenance services to our clients to cover all of their ongoing requirements. We also offer a reactive maintenance service which provides a swift response to any unforeseen emergencies or problems.


Our planned maintenance provides servicing and maintenance for a wide range of areas within your business to ensure its continuing smooth running. We manage your heating, air conditioning, ventilation and electrical systems, not just to make sure they don't break down, but to ensure they are running as efficiently as possible, saving you money in the long term. We can perform full audits of your systems and provide you with a comprehensive overview to allow you to effectively plan any future expenditure that will be needed to replace or upgrade systems when needed. Our team are qualified and experienced and you can be sure that you are in safe hands with BPD managing your planned maintenance routines.


Reactive maintenance involves reacting to faulty, damaged, failed or ineffective equipment, whether it is an emergency or not. It is work that falls outside of the scope of the planned maintenance works. At BPD we are able to react to these situations quickly and resolve your issue with as little disruption to your business as possible. Having systems or equipment not working properly is damaging for any business and it is important to partner with a company who understands this and is will get you back up and running as quickly as possible, minimising your downtime. Having access to our technical expertise and support means that equipment can be returned to better working condition or completely replaced altogether if needed. Our reactive maintenance services give you peace of mind knowing that you have a partner you can rely on should the worst happen to any of your systems.


Being responsible for a home or business property comes with a lot of requirements and maintaining the condition of a property can be challenging – particularly when unforeseen issues pop up with little warning. Having plans in place to minimise issues arising as well as one to swiftly react to any unexpected problems makes sense. Managing and maintaining a property is a huge job and partnering with an experienced and professional company is one way to ensure the continued smooth running of your business. BPD can provide these services and work hard to exceed our client's expectations. Get in touch for more information about all of our maintenance packages.